3 Quick Ways to A Fresh Home (Naturally)

I absolutely love the smell of a fresh home.  I don’t know about you, but I’m guilty of all sorts of “freshening sins” when it comes to fresh air in my house, all of which polluted my home more than freshened it.  As a sufferer of asthma and chronic migraines, the last thing I want is to fill my home with chemical fragrances but I didn’t actually know how any quick ways to make my home fresh naturally.  Of course, I didn’t think of this until AFTER I had detoxed my housecleaners and commenced putting that plug-in into the bathroom to keep it “nice” smelling.  That is when it hit me, I had spent ALL this time, research, and effort to detox my cleaners ONLY to plug in this “pleasant smelling” chemical soup.

1. Simmering Spices

Every fall I make homemade Chai tea.  This is a concoction of black tea as well as various spices.  The scent of this simmering on the burner permeates the house for days.  Even when I was in college, I’d often make Chai just because I wanted my house to smell like that delicious aroma.  Now, I’ll make Chai for the summer as well or whenever I’d like to brighten my house with cinnamon and clove, but you don’t have to make tea to still enjoy the scents.  You can just simmer some water with these spices in it OR for variety try some citrus like orange and lemon.

2. Open A Window

I never realized how closed in we’ve become, but when I was with my ex, he absolutely NEVER opened windows since he had “central air”.  During our 6 years together, my biggest longing was a screen door for air flow.  He complained about mosquitoes and allergens coming in, so I resisted the urges.  However, fast forward to today and I realize exactly how important those open windows are.  Did you know that indoor air pollution is a thing?  Back then I had no idea, but indoor air pollutants surround us.  They come from our mattresses and couches in the form of gas from flame retardants.  Foam emits a gaseous substance as well.  If you haven’t detoxed your cleaners, those add to air toxins that build up as well.

3. Essential Oils

It’s so simple to find an essential oil diffuser these days.  Almost any health and wellness store has one or you can check them out on Amazon for a reasonable price.  In fact, I’ve been planning on ordering this diffuser since I found it last weekend because I love the wood grain look!  Anyway, you can create amazing scents with just essential oils, help alleviate stress, and create the home environment you desire.  There are several essential oil companies out there and it is important you educate yourself on them as you begin your journey.  In fact, I’ve read, you can de-stink your poo by adding a couple of drops of peppermint to the toilet prior to doing the deed!  Although I’ve not verified this, it might be worth trying!

These are just a few simple ideas to help you out in a pinch without a bunch of chemicals fragrances.  In a later post I’ll talk more about house plants and their effects on the freshness and quality of your air.

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