5 Easy Ways for Personal Development

Personal development is important not just for the career of your choice, but in your every day life.  It keeps you up to date on new ideas.  Knowledge empowers you in your every day life and keeps your mind sharp.  I love the new ideas I get on organization for both the kids and myself as well as other great tips. I use personal development every day to help me in the following areas:

  • Parenting
  • Married Life
  • Health
  • Mediation

There are several options available to obtain Personal Development (PD).  I know I’m always busy so I don’t always like paper books.  Kindle books are not always compatible with my migraines so I digest my PD in several ways.  Below are the Top 5 Ways I get my Daily PD:

1.  Audible 

I subscribed years ago before it was an Amazon company and I have over 200 Audio books I’ve purchased through this program.  It is around $14 per month for a gold membership, which gives you 2 credits every month to purchase a book.  I’ve gotten anything from books on ADHD, Autism, Mediation, Diet, Communication, and classics just for “fun”.  If it wasn’t for Audible I wouldn’t have been knowledgable about Ayn Rand, one of my favorite philosophers.  After becoming an Amazon company you can now synch your Audible app with your Kindle to provide seamless reading and  listening.  I love it!  When you sign up, you can get your first book for free.  Check it out here.

2. Kindle Unlimited

I love my Kindle Unlimited subscription.  Not only can I sync my Audible books to many of the Kindle titles I’m reading, but I’ve also used it for the kids when they’ve “forgotten” a book they are reading in school.  It really ups my mom game.  Honestly, I have tons of recipe books and books that I really need to see, not just hear through my Kindle subscription.  It also provides me tons of other books I find interesting that I might otherwise not have taken a second look at.

3. Experts Online

There are TONS of doctors (MD, DO, DC, PhD) online now with blogs.  People I learn about through many of my books I’ve read I search for their blogs and I subscribe to them.  Often they have other services they are promoting as well so sometimes I’ll buy additional educational bits from them as well.  But I love having information about seminars (free as well as paid) delivered to my inbox daily or weekly.  One list I subscribe to often has free conferences on ADHD, which I try to attend at least one per month.  If you haven’t already caught on, we have some ADHD in our house!

4.  HealthTalks

I haven’t been using this service for very long, only a few months, but they have free online Summits.  You can listen for the week they have scheduled for free.  Each day’s talks are available for 24 hours and you can choose from a variety.  The summits scheduled cover topics from hormones to candida.  I’ve sat in on many and connected with several amazing resources on essential oils or other areas that interested me. I’ve finally signed on as an affiliate because I love their programs so much.  For more information click here.

5.  YouTube

This is a fabulous place to start learning from others who are experts or simply someone going through the same things you are.  You can connect with their blogs, websites, or find new books to obtain.  The biggest draw back is getting sucked into “entertaining” videos versus focusing on the area you intended.  I’ve gotten better at this over time, but I do still end up watching the occasional laughing baby or animals doing silly things!



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