Why I’m Obsessed with this Versatile Non-Toxic Cleaner

Throughout the last couple of years I’ve been trying to use more non-toxic cleaners.  However, in the DIY arena there have been more failures than successes.  In the end I’ve found some various things that work.  It’s been a fun journey I’ve shared both with family and friends.  However, there is 1 non-toxic cleaner cleaner in particular that I am totally obsessed with.  That cleaner is Sol-u-Mel.  I’m sure you’re wondering why the obsession, so here are 5 reasons why we have a Sol-u-Mel obsession in my house:

 Use as a Flea Dip

–  There are two methods for treating your dog for fleas.

  1. Add some to dog shampoo.
  2. Mix it up in a spray bottle then take the dog outside and spray them down.  The fleas will jump ship and it leaves their coat amazing. I usually follow this up by spraying the couches and carpet.

Use on Carpets and Upholstery Deter Fleas AND eliminate Pet Odor   –

Treat pet odors in two ways.

  1. Spray it onto affected items with a spray bottle OR
  2. Add a cap to the Steam Vacuum and whisk away pests or smells with one quick “shampoo”.  We do this to the carpets as well.

Use As A Stain Remover

–  The best part, you get the cleaner as a concentrate and dilute yourself so if you feel you need it more concentrated for a stain, then you have that option!Once again several ways to implement this.

  1. Add it to laundry to super boost it
  2. Spray it on a stain your husband tracked onto your carpet or a pet stain on your couch.

Use as a Gunk Remover

–  The kids stuck stickers to their door, not even MY kids, but the kids who lived in this house before me.  I have never been able to get them out, but recently with this cleaner and a good rag, I’ve gotten nearly all the stickers and Gunk off the bedroom door in question!  I cannot love it enough!

Insect Repellant

I’m allergic to Skin So Soft and anything with Deet, so finding a good mosquito repellent here in Michigan is of the utmost importance.  Dilute Sol-u-Mel and you can spray it to help ward off insects, especially mosquitos out on your deck or patio.

There are still so many other reasons to be obsessed with this non toxic cleaner, but these are the 5 biggest reasons my house is in love with it.

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