About Me

Hi! I’m MamaGoGreen,

Let’s be honest and up front here, I am NOT the Better Homes and Garden’s Mom of the year.  Sometimes my dinner is late, I forget things, my living room is blown up, and we really just live a Murphy’s Law kind of life.  I’m no expert in being a Green Mama, it’s all just an adventure in life.  As a mom of 3 boys and a former Med Tech, I’m very aware of the toxins and things in our environment.  As I’ve gotten older and hopefully better at this whole momming thing I’ve tried to get our house cleaned from as many toxins as possible.  Of course with additives to our furniture that release things into our air and the various plastics our foods are packaged in, even our veggies, it is a complex process.  I’m just here working through life and sharing my experiences with you.

My oldest has ADHD and I am a chronic migraine sufferer, so mitigating certain foods or chemicals in our diets can have advantages.  It’s all just part of the learning process.  Sometimes things work for us and other times they do not.  The lessons learned in our house range from independence to working as a team and everywhere in between.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and I want to teach them the healthiest habits I can in this world, but I’m no yoga every day, veggie toting mom.  Yes, I do like Yoga, I used to teach and perform with a belly dance group, my favorite work out is sparring, I run but very slowly for a very long time, and our house is immersed in technology (mostly my fault).  My favorite song is “Jack and Dianne” by John Melloncamp because I believe life does go on and I aim to never lose the thrill of living.  Sometimes those thrills involve things that don’t coincide with the Green mission, but it’s all about informed decision.

Know that as you read this I am NOT perfect.  I have a tattoo, a second husband, and a cell phone I can’t seem to part with due to 10 years on call for the lab.  My struggles are a lot like your struggles.  This is a place to be real.