Aimovig – Day 2

Today is the second day after my self injection of Aimovig.   So far I have nothing really interesting to report.  My injection site is fine, although I can tell where it is when I rub there.  No noticeable decrease in migraine yet, but they say it takes up to 2 weeks once you start the doses.  No other side effects apparent yet.  Although I read on one of my facebook groups people that are so constipated they want to stop the injections!  I’m not sure what level of constipation that is, but I also am not thinking about it.

I’m a natural kind of person, so the idea I am walking around with this “stuff” makes me unhappy.  If it works perhaps Aimovig is my answer.  90 day rotations of botox currently are part of my regular treatment and at least botox is a toxin from something natural.  Although the prospect of botulism like symptoms always worries me.  My neurologist says that only happens when the provider is too paranoid and injects too dilute of a toxin.  I’ve been doing it for almost 2 years so although the procedure is uncomfortable, it’s at least something I feel more ok with at this point.

There are other migraine medications on the horizon so although at this point I am at the end of the line with them, if this fails I might have other options.  I research these things regularly.  At many points, I have given up in treatment because the side-effects were worse than the migraine.  At least I have over 20 years of experience dealing with migraine pain and to some degree it is just another thing in my day. Some side-effects I am ok with, such as medications inducing brain fog or panic attacks is just too much.  I remain hopeful about Aimovig.

More to come as the days go on!

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