I Was Told I Should Drop Out of College

Yes, I was told I should drop out of college. P​art way through my sophomore year in college, an instructor suggested I consider dropping out of college. “College isn’t for everyone,” they said. I​’m not in the habit of listening to negative feedback. Of course, I didn’t listen. In fact, it spurred my decision to […]

I Lost More Than Just “Stuff” In the Flood

The Flood What I lost in the flood was much greater than I initially thought. I​n 2017 we experienced a flood. It obliterated our meticulously finished basement. There was six feet of water across the basement. The water coming in was so high, it almost flowed back out through the windows. My oldest child lost […]

Searching for an Autism Diagnosis

autism - always unique totally intelligent sometimes mysterious

As a parent, seeking out an Autism diagnosis isn’t on your to-do list. A​n Autism diagnosis is a difficult thing to both receive and search out. Families search out Autism diagnosis’ for a variety reasons and some have it thrust on them. Neither situation is easy. Seeking the diagnosis is often a difficult decision. Some […]

Exploring Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

ABA Therapy Applied behavior analysis is commonly referred to as ABA therapy. ABA is a scientific approach based on learning and behavior specifically used to aid children with Autism. Goals of ABA therapy include: Increased communication Increased focus Decrease in problem behaviors Increased social skills H​ow ABA Therapy Works A​BA therapy begins with observing the […]

My Biggest Mom Revelation of 2018- The Kitchen Mess

Have you ever come home to a sink full of dishes or a huge kitchen mess?  I’m sure we all have.  The is how I came to the biggest revelation as a mom this summer.  I work at home, so the boys take care of each other for a period of time each day.  The […]

Is Sleeping Nude Healthy?


I was talking with a friend yesterday and it got me thinking about how we sleep.  Is sleeping nude healthy or is it just another alternative clothing, or lack of clothing, option?   I know everyone has their preferred way.  My mom drilled into us that as women we should let our girl parts breathe […]

The Power of Social Media

Never under-estimate the power of social media.  It is so much more than Donald Trump tweets and watching videos people share about cats.  In the last month social media has touched my life positively in many ways.  I don’t think we always realize how powerful of a tool it is.  If wielded poorly you hear […]

The Aimovig Wrap Up

So this is the Aimovig Wrap Up, I took the first dose and then really didn’t post much more after a couple of days.  The reason is simple.  There wasn’t much to post about.  The side effects were zero.  I had no issues at the injection site, there were no huge complications, I didn’t have […]