Benefits of a Wool Dryer Ball


So if you’re like me you’ve heard of people using these wool dryer balls.  Maybe you’ve even seen someone selling them at the local farmer’s market.  Of course I didn’t ask, but when I got home pulled out my buddy Mr G and looked it up.  Yes, wool dryer balls are actually a thing and have apparently been a thing for a very long time.

What is a Wool Dryer Ball?

Wool dyer balls
Wool Dryer balls – use in sets of 4 or 6.

Well, it is exactly what it sounds like.  It s a ball, made of wool that you throw into your dryer.  Actually, you typically throw more than one of them in.  You can make your own, purchase them at the farmer’s markets, Etsy or online.  For the DIY’ers I found this great video with some simple instructions on how to make your own.  I have NOT done it as I belong to a shopping club where I purchased mine along with the oils I eventually will use on it.  I’ve seen where you can make them with old sweaters too if you really want the full recycling DIY experience, google it!

Benefits of Using a Wool Dryer Ball

There are several benefits to using wool dyer balls as opposed to the more common “fabric softener sheets.” I’ve strayed from the sheets myself because I found the scent so overwhelming when the clothes came out I couldn’t breathe.  So the fabric softener sheet is banned from my house due to my sensitivities.  As it turns out, these sheets emit several chemicals into the air that can be harmful to our health.  That is where the wool dryer ball comes in.

1. Wool Dryer Balls Can Reduce Energy Costs

Say What?  Yes it’s true.  Simply adding 4 to 6 wool dryer balls to your load of laundry can reduce the dry time of your load and your energy costs.  How does this work?  Well they keep your clothes separate as they bounce around between them.  This creates more ways for the hot air to flow through your clothes drying the faster.  It’s just science!

2. Wool Dryer Balls Fluff Your Clothing

As they bounce through the dryer playing in the waves of warm air, making paths like a maze through your wet towels and shirts, they also fluff them naturally with this motion.  Another added benefit, the wool pulls out some of the moisture as it does this AND unlike commercial dryer sheets it won’t affect the absorbency of towels by coating them with other substances to make them fluffy.  I also found out while doing some research that commercial cloth softeners actually break down the material of our clothing as they do their job, reducing the life of each shirt, towel or pair of jeans!

3.  Reducing Costs of Laundry Supplies

Wool dryer balls are REUSABLE.  Unlike one time use dryer sheets you can put them in one load after another.  I’m not sure how many they can be used for since I haven’t counted how many mine have been in, but you reduce costs AND the amount of waste going in to the environment.  That is a double win!

4.  Make Your Clothes Smell Nice

It’s as easy as adding a few drops of essential oil to your wool dryer ball.  I like to find “recipes” for diffuser scents online and modify them for my clothing.  I also love Young Living’s Theives’ Oil.  It’s great for antimicrobial action and it’s smells amazing!  Overall you have tons of flexibility with the scents when you use the dryer ball instead of a dryer sheet.  Even IF you purchase a $70 oil, it will last so long you’ve still saved money in the end!  Crazy!


So it’s up to you, but I’m a huge fan of the dryer ball.  However, I don’t make them I do purchase them from my company.  They last a long time so it’s a purchase you won’t be making again anytime soon.  I know it’s simple to make them, but in the long list of mom to-do’s I know I don’t stand the test because I outsource where I see outsourcing to be worth my time and effort.  In this case, I outsourced my wool dryer ball creation!  So make them yourself using recycled sweaters or new wool and pantyhose, or buy them like i did either way they are a great investment of your time or your money!



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