Creating A Sensory Board – Nursery Decorating

If you don’t know me, I’m all about keeping electronics out of the hands of the kids as much as possible.  Not to say they don’t have tablets, but I like to encourage learning to some degree, the “old fashion way”.  So even as babies I always opted less for the battery operated toys.  So when I found the idea on pinterest for a Day Care Sensory Board, my mind clicked and thought “Hmmm what a great functional decorating idea.”  And so a project was born.

Presently I’m in the process of creating tactile wall hangers.  First I did what any socially connected person would do in 2018, I put a call out to Facebook for friends that might have some scrap fabrics.  Luckily a friend of mine sent me an entire box of fabric swatches, vibrant colors, textures and more.  She had an array I hadn’t even dreamed of being able to find on my own.  All I’d found were some nice soft fabrics and some bright colors.

  1.  Find a variety of fabrics
  2. Take one back ground fabric and affix some smaller tactile or bright color swatches to it.
  3. Hem the sides of the base fabric

Presently, I’m working through attempting to affix the first one to his wall and I will update with photos of his room and the final results as I finish.

Work in Progress
Second Work In Progress

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