EMFs – Cleaning Them Out of Your House Without Unplugging From the World

The Smart Meter – Realization

I first became really concerned about EMF’s when Consumer’s Energy scheduled to install a new “smart meter” on our house.  This smart meter helps them know when I’m without power and increases their ease of controlling power to my house as well as reading the meter.  So I looked up info on these meters and the first thing I found is that they emit HUGE amounts of EMF.  OK, that got my attention because that “Smart” meter is right outside 2 of the 3 kids bedrooms.

First thing I looked to see was if I could “opt out”.  However, to deny the meter would cost me a significant amount of money, which electric and gas is already overpriced so it wasn’t a feasible option.  Now I’m left with what to do about this massive field outside the kids rooms.  During my research I uncovered pricy covers in the upwards of $300 or more for it, but at that time I couldn’t afford it.  So…how could I protect my kids from this?  And the quest was born.

Once I came up with a solution, I laid in bed one night heartily congratulating myself on a job well done when it occurred to me that they had televisions in their rooms as well as tablets.  In my head I went through our house.  My office area alone had 4 PC’s, 2 monitors, several cords for charging devices, a printer, and the list went on.  Ok, clearly EMF’s were a problem in this tech connected house.  As I laid there I could almost picture the EMF’s coming off the wireless router set up in my very own bedroom closet.  UGH.  In my mind I’m thinking #ParentingFail.  So I did what another parent now trying to solve a problem would do, I reached over to my night stand, grabbed my very own mobile EMF emitting device, also known as my cell phone, and began to research.

What are EMF’s and Where are They?

First a little bit about EMF’s, it stands for Electro Magnetic Fields. They pretty much come from anything with electricity.  Heck even YOUR BRAIN emits EMF’s.  Weird isn’t it?  You walk around and as you think or breathe, you too are emitting EMF’s.  I actually think it’s kind of neat.  However, not all EMF’s are quite so cool.  Common items that emit EMF’s are:

  • Your Cellphone
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Lights
  • Smart plugs
  • Smart Energy Readers (installed by your energy company)
  • Microwave
  • Televisions, especially SMART Televisions
  • Alarm Clocks
  • Gaming System
  • Table Lamp next to your bed (EVEN if its OFF)
  • Wiring in your house, unless it’s shielded
  • And the list goes on and on AND on!

According to this article on Discover Magazine we are exposed to about the equivalent of 36 X-rays per year!  Would you ever willingly go to that many X-rays?  Heck no!  But at the same time, I don’t think any of us are willing to give up our cellphones, air conditioners, lights, or any of our amazing modern conveniences.  I know I really don’t want to, but the ramifications of all of these devices and conveniences are HUGE.

So They are EVERYWHERE, Why Should I Care?

Ok, so we’ve determined that pretty much everything from your brain to your electric blanket is literally bathing us in EMF’s on a daily basis.  Now I’m not quite sure why I was so concerned to walk through that body scanner at the airport, since I’m apparently exposing myself to way more than that just living in my home.

I knew they did bad things, changed brain waves, caused cancer, etc.  But I had to find out more so I did just a little more looking around and found EMF exposure can cause a whole list of problems.  Some of the things I found out were:

The Pineal Gland – which secretes hormones into your body can be stressed by EMFs.  This controls Melatonin as well as several other hormones in your body.  While we’re talking melatonin, I’ve heard even that using your phone or leaving it near you in bed can affect your brain and suppress Melatonin meaning you aren’t sleeping as well as you could be.

Cancer – there is definitely a concern that over the effect of EMF’s on your body cells.

I’ve also read where they can contribute to:

  • migraines
  • reduced immune system response
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • auto immune disorders
  • dizziness
  • tinnitus
  • depression
  • disrupted circadian rhythm
  • certain cancers
  • rashes
  • brain fog
  • And Many More the List Goes On!

So What Can Be Done?

So we can’t all afford to have our houses rewired to include shielded conduits, but there are a few things we can do to keep ourselves healthier without totally giving up all the fun things a connected life includes.

  • EMF Shielding Paint
  • Harmonizers – they help you feel healthier, but note they DO NOT reduce the EMF in your life.
  • Ground your walls
  • Turn your phones on Air Plane Mode
  • Don’t keep your phone by the bed
  • Remove next to the bed lamps
  • Don’t have your wireless equipment in your bedroom (I’m guilty of this, but changing it)
  • EMF Shields on TVs and Laptops
  • Shielded Ethernet Cables
  • Reduce your use of WiFi
  • Get an EMF meter and actually watch how you’re doing in reducing the fields in your environment
  • And MORE!  Do some of your own research and figure out how YOU can neutralize the effects in your own home.

What I’ve Done & Plan to Do

Well, I’m doing this on a budget so I’m doing this one piece at at time.  When the baby was born one of the first stops I made was at the local wellness store where I purchased shungite, its a stone that is relatively inexpensive and helps reduce the EMF being emitted.  You can see a youtube demonstration here.  I put the stone in his carseat.  Honestly, I’m not sure how effective it is in his carseat, but I figured it would provide some protection against him and anything he and his carseat come into contact with.  I’ve installed pieces of this same stone around my house.  I’m far from having a completely EMF reduced environment, but it is a start.  For more information on Shungite, you can google it.  I really liked all the information I found on this website.

As things progress I plan to include blue sticker to help reduce the EMF being emitted as well as the EMF shielding paint on the walls in the kids rooms because the SMART reader is outside of it.  The kids had televisions in their room, but there is going to be a secondary “entertainment” room the kids can use which will not only move the TVs OUT of their rooms reducing EMF, but also reduce the likelihood of them turning them on when they should be sleeping.  There are other heath reasons I’m moving the TV’s as well.

I really hope this helps you in starting your own research on products and things that you can do to help reduce EMF’s.

Resources for Info and Products

https://youtu.be/F0NEaPTu9oI – SMART Meter on Cells

https://youtu.be/TjaM0tdxtYA – Ted Talk (Teen) on Why she doesn’t use a SMART Phone

http://lessemf.comvariety of products to protect your home including paint and meters



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