Foray Into Baby Food DIY

So, part of being clean and green is working on making your own baby food.  I’ve been making my own yogurt for a while.  Sometimes I surf the web for baby food ideas and other times I check the baby food aisle while I’m shopping.  This is what we came up with for our very first baby food session.  I’ve been making some things on my own, but now I’m amping it up a level!  The lemon juice, should be from actual lemons and typically I don’t like things in plastic, BUT I bought this lemon juice in a plastic bottle to be convenient and readily available.  As this progresses I will likely use real lemons for this task.

We were in a pinch so I did purchase some organic mac and cheese in a box for little man’s main course.  Which we made and pureed some, but he can munch down on some noodles, he just isn’t very good at it yet.  He enjoyed the mac and cheese immensely.  The Gerber one has it with carrots so when we pureed his it seemed to be little too runny and we added some pureed carrots to the mix for perfection.

Initially we pureed individual items so we could create our own mixes on the fly.  To preserve our work, we took some of these “pure” purees and froze them into ice cube pieces which we plan to use in this teething soother as well as thawing and mixing with other items.  Currently pureed we have pineapple, blueberry, kale, and raspberry.

Pineapple cubes just doing their thing in the freezer to be added to labeled containers later.

Presently he’s devoured the mac and cheese.  The pure pineapple was a bit too pineappley for his taste (and I totally understand) so we use that in mixes with other things.  He seems to like it very much.  I haven’t done much with purred meat yet, except to puree out the Chicken Pot Pie I made for dinner.  He absolute loved it!  As I go through this process I will share more details, recipes and tricks we learn.

Going through this adventure with me is my friend and baby sitter Kati.  She’s been amazing and excited to try each of our new ideas.  In fact, she spent much of her time in the kitchen last Friday playing with the blender and things we’d found out from friends as well as the internet.  I’m blessed to have such an open minded person helping out in my home.

Our day in the kitchen looked a lot like this!




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