Convergence Insufficiency (CI) versus ADHD

Did you know there is an eye disorder that can be mistaken for ADHD?  You cannot medicate against the eye disorder, it is frequently missed, or misdiagnosed as ADHD!  No matter how many meds you put your child on, it will not help.  Convergence Insufficiency (CI) affects the way eyes track together.  It can affect: […]

3 Quick Ways to A Fresh Home (Naturally)

I absolutely love the smell of a fresh home.  I don’t know about you, but I’m guilty of all sorts of “freshening sins” when it comes to fresh air in my house, all of which polluted my home more than freshened it.  As a sufferer of asthma and chronic migraines, the last thing I want […]

5 Easy Ways for Personal Development

Personal development is important not just for the career of your choice, but in your every day life.  It keeps you up to date on new ideas.  Knowledge empowers you in your every day life and keeps your mind sharp.  I love the new ideas I get on organization for both the kids and myself […]

Why I’m Obsessed with this Versatile Non-Toxic Cleaner

Throughout the last couple of years I’ve been trying to use more non-toxic cleaners.  However, in the DIY arena there have been more failures than successes.  In the end I’ve found some various things that work.  It’s been a fun journey I’ve shared both with family and friends.  However, there is 1 non-toxic cleaner cleaner […]

Removing Toxins – Top 4 Places To Begin

    A common question I get is: “You talk about removing toxins, but where do I begin?“  Well the short answer is in the area most important to you to have toxinfree, which could be any number of places depending on your lifestyle and personal values.  However, the top 4 places I find easiest […]

Social Media – Real Connections or Just Clicking “Like”?

I read an article a friend of mine shared on Facebook. It talked about how my generation is almost an in-between generation where we grew up without technology but were present for the dawn of a many technological advances. We were here at the forefront of online dating and smart phones. We watched the slow […]

Creating A Sensory Board – Nursery Decorating

If you don’t know me, I’m all about keeping electronics out of the hands of the kids as much as possible.  Not to say they don’t have tablets, but I like to encourage learning to some degree, the “old fashion way”.  So even as babies I always opted less for the battery operated toys.  So […]

Social Media Gives Domestic Violence A Face

****OLD POST FROM FORMER DATABASE**** Although this is an old post, I’ve lost several friends to domestic violence since this date.  Each of their departures has rung around the world because of their social media friends, but to date non resonated quite so much as the one I discuss here. Last month, an online friend […]

EMFs – Cleaning Them Out of Your House Without Unplugging From the World

The Smart Meter – Realization I first became really concerned about EMF’s when Consumer’s Energy scheduled to install a new “smart meter” on our house.  This smart meter helps them know when I’m without power and increases their ease of controlling power to my house as well as reading the meter.  So I looked up […]