The Aimovig Wrap Up

So this is the Aimovig Wrap Up, I took the first dose and then really didn’t post much more after a couple of days.  The reason is simple.  There wasn’t much to post about.  The side effects were zero.  I had no issues at the injection site, there were no huge complications, I didn’t have panic attacks, pass out or anything stupid.  However, sadly I don’t feel as though it helped at all.  I have one more dose of Aimovig to try this month.  It is due next week

My neurologist and I conferred about the Aimovig.  He wants me to do the next dose since I have it, but unless there’s some dramatic difference we won’t be continuing treatment.  There are more migraine specific medications coming up on the market.  In fact another one was released last month, so there is hope even if this one turns out to be a bust.

I’m sad there was no dramatic change in my migraines, but I was brave enough to try.  With my history of medication reactions I was admittedly nervous.  Please don’t give up out there!  Not everything works for everyone, but this medication doesn’t seem to be heavy on reactions.  I’ve seen many positive outcomes so don’t let my story turn you off to it!

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